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From the inspiration and dreams of one, the impossible becomes possible ....

Thank-you to all who have participated in this extraordinary effort.....

Click here for "James Earl Jones Field of Dreams"
(needs Real Player installed)


The thumbnail pictures below were taken at one of our Saturday field days (August 7, 1999).
Please click on a picture for a larger view.


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coachb.jpg (62867 bytes)   digger.jpg (63462 bytes)   diggers.jpg (63516 bytes)
hidingout.jpg (63239 bytes)   letsgo.jpg (63050 bytes)   moms.jpg (63320 bytes)
mspugh.jpg (62485 bytes)   olegomez.jpg (61048 bytes)   painters.jpg (63099 bytes)
palletmen.jpg (63049 bytes)   roofers.jpg (63428 bytes)   sueb.jpg (63514 bytes)
thanksmel.jpg (62915 bytes)   tobin.jpg (63643 bytes)   travis.jpg (63298 bytes)
playininthedirt.jpg (63262 bytes)   whoputthisaway.jpg (62829 bytes)   weedwacker.jpg (181236 bytes)